Metro 交通警察 Department


Chief of Police 迈克尔Anzallo 迈克尔Anzallo
Chief, Metro 交通警察

Chief 迈克尔Anzallo was appointed to lead MTPD on February 2, 2022, and had served as the interim chief of police since August 2021. He has helped steer the department through pandemic-related challenges with an emphasis on community policing throughout the region.

In his role overseeing the department, Anzallo has focused his attention on recruiting a new generation of police officers by updating outdated policies that can preclude men and women from joining MTPD ranks; bolstering support of accountability measures within MTPD that hold officers to the highest standards of policing; building positive relationships with communities in Metro’s service areas to foster collaboration and understanding of neighborhood needs while helping to reduce crimes against people near and on Metro properties; supporting stiffer penalties for proposed legislation to protect frontline transit workers from assaults; expanding police presence to support new service expansion areas in Metro’s territory; and continuing to emphasize opportunities for dedicated 火车ing that supports the future of a growing region.

Prior to joining MTPD as assistant police chief in 2018, Anzallo worked as a Metropolitan police officer, rising through the ranks, and bringing more than 30 years of policing experience in the region to the role.

Anzallo started his law enforcement career in the District in 1989, taking on a wide range of responsibilities during his tenure which includes managing several police units that focused on violent crimes including homicide, homicide cold case, 主要的毒品, 特别受害者, 性侵犯, forensic science and aligning the sex offender registry to better connect crimes to repeat offenders. Anzallo also previously led investigative units addressing financial crimes and fraud, 情报, witness protection and auto theft.


The Mission of the Metro 交通警察 Department is to protect Metro patrons, 人员, transit facilities, and revenue by providing law enforcement and public safety services.


The Metro 交通警察 will protect and serve our customers and employees with dignity and respect, through innovative ideas, 新技术, 团队合作, 完整性, a commitment to our mission, and the oath of office.